Sketch Star to close April 16th, 2013

Miniclip has officially announced on their blog that Sketch Star will be closing to the public on Tuesday April 16th, 2013.

To mark the occasion, they created a really nice sonorized video compilation of some of the best animations over the last years:

In their statement, Miniclip cites its reasons to “put Sketchy to sleep” as being a mix of its fan base decreasing despite continued development and their desire to focus more on games, which is what they do best. (see 8-ball pool multiplayer their top selling game right now)

It’s very sad to see Sketch Star go, i spent close to 5 years of my life on it and at the same time i support and understand their decision. Sketch Star was a great project. It touched the lives of many people and it had a great run. Have a good sleep Sketchy, may you rest in peace.

In the last month of confusion over Sketch Star future, i have been in touch with some of the most hard core users and talented artists. Together we have been gathering a compilation of youtube videos of the animations that they worked on throughout the years and that i enjoyed so much.

Here they are:

Wonkystick’s Youtube channel

Doctorunk’s Youtube channel

Piterwilson’s Youtube channel – compilation

As for alternatives to Sketch Star, here are a few:

  • The Original Flipbook! toy at This website hasn’t had an update in over 7-8 years… and it still works. For the most part.
  • Webcanimation! if you want to do frame by frame animation with your webcam (A word of caution as the content there is moderated after the fact).
  • GoAnimate Not as noble as Flipbook! or Sketch Star but still good to make cartoons that use pre-made characters. (no so much for drawing)
  • DVolver  Another tool to make cartoons with pre-made characters and artwork.
  • Xtranormal I have seen this one around inYoutTube a lot. Mostly furry cartoon animals that debate Mac vs Pc, iPhone vs Android and lots of curse words.

So there you have it. Is it the last of the draw frame-by-frame animation toys? I can’t say for sure.

12 thoughts on “Sketch Star to close April 16th, 2013

  1. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    why why why
    i haven’t been on sketch star in a long time the last time i was on was in march and had no idea it was going to close and just then when i went on to miniclip i looked everywhere for sketch star but couldnt find it then i found this website and find out the sketchy is closing for ever…………noooooonononononono why why why ..there is so many things i wanted to do on it but now i cant im am sooo sad i wonder if later on they(miniclip) will make sketch star its own individual thing and make it able to download for androids phones iphone ipads ipods and laptops and tablets because i miss sketch star and really want to play with again pleaseplease pleaseplease pleaseplease….

  2. pleas sketch star come back, MINICLIP i beg of you to put sketch star back.
    take out all the other games if you half to just bring back sketchy and all the other sketches delete all the animations and make it new and fresh, every one loved sketch star so just take my word and put it back pleas.

    thank you miniclip from hunter barz

  3. when i read this i actually started to cry because the way they said that sketch is closing sounded like it was actually a human being

    Rest In Peace Sketch star i will always love you and i ll never forget you! You were the best game EVER!

  4. ma perkè l’avete tolto io lo volevo per sempre per farglielo vedere ai miei figli!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁

  5. Its been awhile sense this happened and ive tried plenty other sites but nothing was quite as good a miniclips, i know you guys said that its over but will it ever come back? The website said it was to much maintance and stuff, but i still dont see why you would delete it all. Sketch star used to be everything for me and now its gone, i wish there would be some way i could help.

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