Minimal Tesseact-OCR setup in Swift

Doing some research into text-recognition open source libraries for iOS i came across Daniele Galiotto’s Tesseact-OCR-iOS. The library’s Github page can be found here : The setup instructions can found in the same page, but they are written for Objective-C. In the interest of future proofing my code i decided to do the translation work to […]

MediaCodec, MediaExtractor, MediaFormat and AudioTrack to the rescue

UPDATE :The technique described in this post is heavily outdated. For anyone still struggling with this issue, use Exoplayer instead! On a previous post i described in some detail, the difficulties a vanilla developer might find while trying to work with Android’s MediaPlayer class for the purposes of playing an mp3 stream from a server. One […]

mdevcon 2014

Last weekend i attended mdevcon ’14 in Amsterdam. Here’s the review i wrote in the Supersteil blog.